Real-time usage and historical trends

Since EnergyCloud works directly with your home’s electricity meter, using the patented EnergyCloud Meter Sensor, it is highly accurate. Unlike your utility’s web portal, however, EnergyCloud provides you with information in real time, not 24 hours to 1-month old. Electricity readings are made every 15 seconds and are available in the EnergyCloud portal and mobile app almost instantly.

Why is that important?

The problem with utility bills is that they tell you what happened quite a while ago, making it challenging to reduce your electricity costs without making drastic reductions and then waiting another month to see if it worked. Imagine trying to drive to work by looking in your rear view mirror the whole way.

With EnergyCloud, not only do you get up-to-the minute consumption information, but you also get alerts in real time so that you can take action immediately. EnergyCloud will let you know when you are approaching a threshold, such as 80% of your last months’ consumption, or that you are on track to use more electricity than the previous month. But it’s not all bad. We’ll also let you know that you’re trending to use less than the previous month, giving you the positive feedback that your actions are paying off.

Why wait for the end of the month to find out how much you will pay for electricity? EnergyCloud can help you know now.