Questions & Answers

How does EnergyCloud help me control my electricity usage?

EnergyCloud makes it possible to get real-time information about your electricity use. The EnergyCloud Meter Sensor and CloudConnector collect information every 15 seconds which you can view in the EnergyCloud web portal or mobile app.

With EnergyCloud you see how much energy you are using and how it compares to past trends. EnergyCloud also breaks down usage by appliance, helping you make more informed decisions about your electricity use.

How does EnergyCloud work?

EnergyCloud includes a Meter Sensor, CloudConnector and EnergyCloud app.

Our patented EnergyCloud Meter Sensor monitors electricity usage by connecting to your electricity meter. That information is relayed to the EnergyCloud app via the CloudConnector gateway — a small internet-connected device placed in your home.

EnergyCloud Meter Sensor is compatible with most residential and light commercial meters and takes readings every 15 seconds — 60 times more often than your utility. Before purchasing the EnergyCloud, check if your meter is compatible or email us a clear, straight-on meter image.

Can I install the EnergyCloud meter sensor myself?

Yes! The EnergyCloud Meter Sensor is Do-it-Yourself friendly and doesn’t require a connection to your home’s wiring — so there’s no need to hire an electrician. Most customers install their EnergyCloud in less than 30 minutes by following our set up wizard.

Go to our support section for more information.

What is EnergyCloud?

EnergyCloud enables you to monitor and track your home’s electricity usage in real-time. It consists of an easy-to-install sensor that slips onto your electricity meter and a small device, the CloudConnector, that attaches to your home network. Together these pieces securely send your electricity usage data to your own EnergyCloud account. The EnergyCloud web portal and mobile app provide a very rich analysis that is easy to understand.

How does EnergyCloud save me money?

Many independent studies have shown that by simply providing homeowners with real-time information about their electricity consumption translates into behaviour changes that can lead to energy saving of as much as 15%. This translates into direct savings on your electricity bill. Visit our Research page for more information.

What appliances can EnergyCloud detect?

EnergyCloud focuses on the appliances that cost you the most and thus offer the biggest savings opportunity. Making small changes in how you use these appliances can provide significant monthly savings on your electricity bill. EnergyCloud provides an appliance level breakdown in 8 categories, being Heating & Cooling (HVAC), Laundry, Cooking, Dishwashing, Hot Water, Electric Vehicle, Pool & Spa and Always On. We don’t analyze for lighting, TVs, etc., because there is little opportunity for you to save money.

How does EnergyCloud detect appliances?

EnergyCloud uses advanced data processing (machine learning) to analyze your detailed electricity data every night. EnergyCloud identifies unique patterns in that data that represent specific types of appliances. From there is can determine how much electricity those specific appliances are using. It’s kind of like those services that listen to music and tell you what song it is.

How secure is EnergyCloud?

Very. EnergyCloud uses the same level of data encryption as online banking. All information uploaded from your home to EnergyCloud is encrypted and all the data stored in your EnergyCloud account is encrypted. Also, there is no personally identifiable information uploaded with your electricity readings.

What if I have problems with installation?

We’re here to help. EnergyCloud guides you through the setup process step-by-step and usually in only 20-30 minutes. If you do run into difficulty our SUPPORT PAGE contains videos and helpful information and you can search our online FAQs. Live support is available via chat from our website or toll-free by phone from 9am – 5pm Eastern time, Monday to Friday and we can always be reached at our SUPPORT email.