Blue Line partners with leading energy monitoring and management solutions providers to give you access to much deeper analytical tools, including appliance-level breakdowns of your electricity usage. Data from your Blue Line EnergyCloud account can be relayed to one or several of our partner applications in real time. In order to take advantage of these apps simply add the PowerCost WiFi Bridge if you already have the optical sensor installed on your meter. If you are just starting out you can purchase the Sensor/WiFi Bundle.

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Plotwatt Dashboard

Real time reporting. Benchmark results with other users. Analytic engine that breaks down whole home data into actual appliance level usage. Think of it as Shazam1 or SoundHound2 for electricity.

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PeoplePower App

Apps for iPhone and Android. Powerful visuals. Budgeting. Gamification.

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Bidgley Dashboards

Bidgely (which means "electricity" in Hindi) is working to solve one of the biggest challenges in energy: enabling utilities to meet their demand-side energy goals by fully engaging and satisfying their customers by developing ground-breaking analytics that can itemize home energy usage data to the appliance level without using any plug-level monitors. Bidgely uses appliance-level insights to help customers reduce their energy spend and become engaged energy customers.

View the Bidgely demo.

Note: Access to the Bidgely offering is available through participating utilities only.


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Foundation Thermostat Foundation Mobile App

Energate’s HōlHōm™ Solution provides utilities, particularly those that haven’t yet deployed Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), with the ability to deploy advanced home energy management features and services to their residential and small business customers. At the same time, HōlHōm provides reliable, verifiable, and real-time responsive Demand Response capabilities.

The backbone of HōlHōm stems from the integration of Energate’s Foundation™ Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway with Blue Line Innovations’ sensor technology—the backbone as Foundation is an extensible platform to which Wi-Fi and the sensor can be added.

Using Energate’s Wi-Fi radio module, the consumption information is available in the cloud. The cloud services are provided by Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response™ (CCDR) platform that provides open APIs for applications such as Energate’s Load Management System (LMS), Customer Portal, and mobile applications.

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