Easy do-it-yourself installation

Paying as much, or more, for installation as you paid for your product is just wrong.

EnergyCloud gets its high-quality data from the patented EnergyCloud Meter Sensor and CloudConnector gateway. We designed the small devices to be easy to install with absolutely no connection to your homes electrical wiring. Unlike many other solutions, you do not need to open you electrical panel or hire an electrician to install it.

The EnergyCloud Meter Sensor is a small, battery operated, device the slides over your electricity meter and is secured with a simple single-screw clamp. It operates for more than 2 years on a single, inexpensive C-cell alkaline battery and provides you with visual feedback that you have it aligned properly. Every 15 seconds it sends a meter reading to the CloudConnector. The CloudConnector, sends your meter reading data from the EnergyCloud Meter Sensor to EnergyCloud. The CloudConnector offers both wired and wireless connections to your home network. A simple setup wizard will guide you through the complete installation process in less than 30 minutes.