Customizable alerts

Security systems let you know immediately that something serious is happening. Why should your electricity monitoring solution be any different?

EnergyCloud offers a variety of alerts that you can customize to your needs, delivered to you via text message or email. These alerts are sent to you as events happen or on a scheduled basis as appropriate. For example, you can set a threshold of last months’ consumption and we’ll let you know when you cross it. If you have set a monthly budget EnergyCloud will let you know when you have spent a certain amount or only have a certain amount remaining.

In addition to electricity saving alerts, EnergyCloud will also let you know when the batteries in your EnergyCloud Meter Sensor need to be replaced or if your CloudConnector is offline. Quite often when homeowners change their WiFi password, little devices that depend on WiFi connectivity get forgotten. EnergyCloud will let you know if it has not received a meter reading for an extended period and when you restore your connection the missed meter readings will automatically be uploaded.