Real Time Feedback

The PowerCost series provides electricity reading information in real time. This helps make you aware of how your activities affect your usage. It also shows you your cost right now so you know when your rates are high. Just knowing what you use can save you 10% or more on your electricity bills.


With up to 13 months of history available you can see trends in your electricity usage to help you confirm your actions are resulting in savings. See your past usage in dollars-and-cents or kilowatt-hours right down to the hour. See a breakdown of how much your “phantom load”, or always on power is costing you.


Get at-a-glance comparisons for this month, last month and the same month 1 year ago. “This Month” also includes a projection of how much electricity you will likely use.

Set a threshold and receive an alert via text message or email when This Month’s usage exceeds the threshold of last month. It’s a great way to set savings target. EnergyCloud will help you meet them.


Use the Appliance breakdown to get a deep-dive on where you use electricity the most.

Knowing this can help you identify your best opportunities to save money on your electricity bills. For example, your “Phantom Load” comes from devices that use power 24/7. Unplugging them when you don’t need them can add up to big savings over time.


EnergyCloud provides on-demand secure access from anywhere on the web including from your mobile devices. All our CloudConnector devices and our EnergyCloud application utilizes the same level of encryption as your bank.

Our mobile apps run on iOS and Android devices and look great on phones as well as tablets.


EnergyCloud allows you to subscribe to alerts & notifications delivered to your mobile device or to your email. These messages keep you informed of important events like your batteries getting low or your meter being offline. EnergyCloud can also tell you if it looks like you’re going to use more electricity than last month of if you’ve reached a threshold. This will help you keep on top of your savings targets without needing to worry about checking every day.

EnergyCloud also offers weekly and monthly reports, delivered via email, that highlight useful information about how you are using electricity. They also provide quick tips to help you save money.

How It works?

Better information = better decisions = reduced energy usage = cleaner environment — It's that simple!

Independent Research shows that on average, homes with access to real time energy data reduce their usage by 9%. Homes with electric heat and hot water experience even greater reductions, 14% and 17%.

The PowerCost Series system is a wireless energy monitoring solution. Your energy usage data is transmitted in real-time from your electricity meter via the Blue Line optical sensor and sent to your CloudConnector and via the WiFi Bridge to your EnergyCloud account. You can monitor usage remotely on-line as well manage your energy use.

The system consists of a series of parts. The patented optical sensor unit gathers electricity usage information from your meter and sends it to a compatible receiving device, such as the Blue Line PowerCost Monitor™ CloudConnector.

Optical sensor

  1. Works with virtually all residential and small business electricity meters
  2. Simple 1 screw DIY installation which takes less than 20 minutes (watch the video)
  3. Reads electricity usage in real time using patented optical technology
  4. No connection to your home's wiring!
  5. Wirelessly transmits data to the CloudConnector up to 500ft/150m away
  6. Runs for 2 years on an single, inexpensive, C-cell alkaline battery.  Battery status shown in EnergyCloud and on the mobile app.
  7. Works in all-weather – hot, cold, snow, rain.  Rated from -40F/-40C to +140F/+60C


  1. Relays your usage information securely to your EnergyCloud account
  2. Provides wired and wireless home network connectiivity options
  3. Stores up to 5 days of energy data so you don’t miss anything if your internet is down
  4. Setup in less than 10 minutes


  1. Gives you full and secure access to all your electricity usage information from anywhere and on your mobile device
  2. Provides easy-to-understand charts and information on a clean dashboard design that you can customize
  3. Keeps you informed of important events with alerts & notifications delivered by text message or email
  4. Provides you with the tools you need to save money on your electricity bills and to monitor your progress