Real Time Feedback

The PowerCost series provides electricity reading information in real time. This helps make you aware of how your activities affect your usage. It also shows you your cost right now so you know when your rates are high. Just knowing what you use can save you up to 10%.

Measure Appliances

The appliance mode allows you to understand what devices in your home use the most and helps you make informed decisions about how to conserve and use less.


Uploading to EnergyCloud enables you to track your usage over time and see trends. You can subscribe to one or more of our analytics cloud application partners to get a deeper analysis of your electricity usage patterns.

Access From Anywhere

EnergyCloud provides on-demand secure access from anywhere on the web including from your mobile devices. All of our CloudConnector devices and our EnergyCloud application utilizes the same level of encryption as your bank.

Easy to Install

All PowerCost Series products are designed to be self-installed. No connection to your home wiring or professional installation is required. You can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.


Better information = better decisions = reduced energy usage = cleaner environment — It's that simple!

Independent Research shows that on average, homes with access to real time energy data reduce their usage by 9%. Homes with electric heat and hot water experience even greater reductions, 14% and 17%.

The PowerCost Series system is a wireless energy monitoring solution. Your energy usage data is transmitted in real-time from your electricity meter via the Blue Line optical sensor and sent to your portable In-Home Display and via the WiFi Bridge to your Energy Cloud account. You can monitor usage remotely on-line as well manage your energy use.

The system consists of a series of parts. The patented optical sensor unit gathers electricity usage information from your meter and sends it to a compatible receiving device, such as the Blue Line PowerCost Monitor™ In-Home Display or the WiFi Bridge.


Optical Sensor Energy Monitor Electricity Monitor

  • Works with virtually all residential and small business electricity meters.
  • Simple O-ring & 1 screw DIY installation (watch the video).
  • Reads electricity usage in real time using patented optical technology.
  • No connection to your home's wiring!
  • 99% accuracy on large homes and over 95% on small business & light commercial operations
  • Wirelessly transmits data to PowerCost Monitor Display or WiFi Bridge up to 425ft/125m away
  • Runs for 12 months on inexpensive AA alkaline batteries.  Battery status shown on receiving device.
  • Works in all weather – hot, cold, snow, rain.  Rated from -40F/-40C to +140F/+60C


In-Home Display Energy Monitor Electricity Monitor

  • Displays your energy use in real time. Updated every 32 seconds.
  • Click between watts and dollars viewing modes.
  • Use the "Appliance" mode to measure how much individual alliances use.
  • Use the "Estimate" mode to project how much energy you will use in a 30 day period.
  • Supports Tiered and Time-of-Use billing modes to accurately display your costs.
  • Conveniently displays time of day and outside temperature.

WiFi Bridge

Energy Monitor Electricity Monitor Web Cloud

  • Relays your usage information to your Blue Line EnergyCloud account.
  • View your real time energy usage and history online and in mobile apps.
  • Link to partner applications to get in-depth analysis including appliance level reporting.
  • Setup in less than 10 minutes.


Blue Line EnergyCloud Energy Monitor Electricity Monitor Web Cloud

  • Securely access your energy usage online and from your iPhone
  • View real time and historical data
  • Setup subscriptions to relay your data to partner applications of your choice
  • Automatically receive alerts to warn you of problems and how to fix them

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