Blue Line Innovations and your Energy Conservation Programs

Blue Line Innovations offers an AMI independent option of presenting highly accurate, highly granular real time energy data to your customers. Whether simple data presentment via a wireless in-home monitor, robust web dashboards or smart phone apps or more integrated solutions with WiFi connected DR thermostats, Blue Line Innovations can enable your energy efficiency and demand response programs.

The glue to the solution is the proven Blue Line Innovations universal optical sensor. We can work with almost any meter infrastructure (digital, analogue) but where we add significant value is to utilities who have not yet deployed an AMI network or those who have opted to not use the network for consumer facing solutions.

Future proofing is a key part of the Blue Line product design. As new innovative efficiency or demand response solutions come to market, the Blue Line sensor is designed to easily integrate leaving no stranded assets and allowing your customer to upgrade to deeper solutions.

Blue Line Innovations highlights;

  • Proven
  • 325,000 customers
  • 140+ utility customers
  • Highly accurate sensor
  • +/- 1% accurate to 16kWh and +/-4% at 50kWh
  • Real time data visibility for your customer and internally for utility team
  • Menu of product solutions to match your program needs
  • Enables full DR solution with M&V in a non AMI environment

To discuss in more detail, please contact CEO, Peter Porteous